Hotel Alma di Alghero
Alghero (SS) - Italy
Points of interest
IL NURAGHE PALMAVERA Nuraghi are prehistory abode. Them igloo form are unique in Sardinia. The Nuraghe Palmavera, dating back to the bronze age, is an interesting example of a complex nuraghe, consisting of two towers and surrounded by the ancient village. Distance from the Hotel: 7 Km, situated on the street which connects the Gulf of Alghero with that of Porto Conte. LE GROTTE DI NETTUNO The marine cave, carved in the spectacular cliff of Capo Caccia, is the biggest natural attractions of the Alghero area, visited every year by many tourists attracted by its beauty and its breathtaking scenery. There are two possible itineraries to reach the Neptune's cave: By sea: leaving from the harbour by boat, sailing along the wonderful Coral Riviera to the entrance of the cave. Land way: reaching Capo Caccia and walking down the Escala del Cabirol with its 656 steps, which leads to the entrance of the cave. Distance from our Hotel: 23 km, driving on the road SS 127 towards Capo Caccia. LA NECROPOLI DI ANGHELO RUJU The Anghelu Ruju Necropolis is an ancient burial ground with 38 hypogeum, dating back to the late Neolithic period (3000 A.C.). The archaeological site consist of a prehistoric complex with "Domus de Janas", one of the most important in Sardinia. Distance from our Hotel: 10 km, on the way to Porto Torres. SELLA & MOSCA The wine industry Sella & Mosca, founded in 1899, is today the leader in Sardinia. It had got one of the largest vineyards In Europe with an excellent repertoire of wine. The wine industry with its museum and vineyards is really worth a visit; guided tours are organised to enjoy wine tasting from Monday to Friday (in summer even on Saturday) from 17.30 to 18.30. Distance from our Hotel: 8km, on the way to Porto Torres.