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Why booking online?

Secure booking service (Secure Server), Easy and immediately confirmation.
Privacy: we assure you that your personal information and your credit card number
will be treated with the maximum security and discretion.
* Extra Bed is 400 Baht / Night

Do you wish to book a room? Please check the availability for the requested period.
Hotel do not charge any payment for online reservation, Total Cash payment is to be made upon your arrival.

Do you wish to cancel a booking? To cancel a reservation, in respect of our cancellation policy, please select "Cancel booking" and insert your booking number.

Policy of Check In-Out Check Out Time 12:00(noon),
Check Out after 12:00(noon) to 6 P.M. (50% of Room's rate is applied.).
Check Out after 6:00 P.M. (100% of Room's rate is applied.) Check in Time : 2 P.M. to 8 P.M. ( For Online Reservation only ).
Please inform us if you're going to arrive later than 8 p.m. Thailand time, ( By writing in Request Box or Email us ).
Total amount of Cash Payment shall be made upon arrival and 1,000 Baht Cash to be a Deposit for Bond.
if paying by credit card, a 3% charge will apply.
Supplements will not be calculated automatically in the total costs and have to be paid separately in the hotel.

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